Tea Room

The first sunray reflecting in the magnificent tableware.

Herbaciarnia - zdjęcie w tekście 2

Crispy, freshly baked rolls, delicious marmalades, natural honeys, fresh fruits, local delicacies delivered each day by selected suppliers or delicacies from the other side of the world waiting to be tasted. That is a luxury breakfast in a comfortable surrounding – a delicious prelude of a successful day. The afternoon sun causes the charming tea room to change its nature. The soft light entices one to relax in a comfortable armchair with a cup of your favourite tea and a good book of your own or one found in our amazing library.

Herbaciarnia - zdjęcie w tekście 1

The tea room can be transformed into a good book club just for you. It can be a place for casual dinner with friends after a successful cruise, hunting or any other challenge you decided to face this day.