1906 Gourmet Restaurant

The restaurant is located inside the hotel at the reception level and anyone will find their way there with eyes closed.

1906 - zdjęcie w tekście 1

We will reach the destination more reliably by following the scent rather than a magnetic needle and instead of the wind from the sea we will be surrounded by a mild breeze of Fitzgerald’s prose …
Spotless white porcelain, shining polished silverware, lush freshly-cut flowers, cascades of heavy folded curtains reaching the oak floor from the tall windows, waiters in perfect contredanse providing service under patina chandeliers shining more than the finest polished cars parked in the driveway. It’s all in the room with wallpapers ornamented in secessionist style and antique furniture in the background…

1906 - zdjęcie w tekście 2

That is all as far as the table’s surrounding is concerned. While on the tables we find pure poetry instead of prose together with the signature of the chef himself. He always reaches his goal by trying, seeking and combining new ingredients, flavours and spices due to his knowledge, experience and culinary intuition. He will take you far away, drawing from the regional wealth of nearby forests, rough Baltic waters or crops from the Palace’s organic garden.

The 1906 Restaurant is waiting for you, book your table.


Required clothing style: smart casual

The restaurant is open only for private event.