The Carriage House

Takes us from the Palace with the rustling of dresses, the clang of crystals, champagne, diamonds and orchids to the relaxing and bright area where we find wooden plank floors, whiten furniture and soothing ash grey jute curtains …

Maintained in a Cottage & Sea style, this is an alternative resting place, just like a postcard from the Hamptons on the East Coast faded in the sun. Here you can count on a true holidays away from the corporate drill. Here you might hear pattering barefoot children in the corridor, trip on a surfboard or meet a neighbour from the room next door in shorts and flip-flops. The intimate nature and casual style of the Carriage House can be experienced when selecting one of the 11 rooms available.

Each of the double rooms is originally arranged with selected accessories, comfortable beds and spacious bathrooms as well as equipped with an LCD TV, mini bar, safe and Wi-Fi wireless Internet. There is a two-floor quadruple suite with a second bedroom on the entresol awaiting families with children and people who value interior space. The second apartment has a large living room and an additional bedroom.