31 Dec Goodbye Summer

End of summer doesn’t mean giving up on pleasures.
It’s right the opposite, filled with travels, tired of thinking, where
put your foot safely and unpack the suitcase, with greater
joy and anticipation for deserved pleasure, you can rely on the
Estate of Ciekocinko.

Located in the heart of Kashubia, in a sleepy village full of
greenery and smiling people, with a skimming sea in the
background, covering a 40 km long strip of empty beaches,
Ciekocinko Palace is growing out between trees like a bright
prism reflecting the long rays of the autumn sun, is not only
a prize at the beginning of autumn, but also a pleasure that is
remembered during long, winter evenings.

Say goodbye to summer at Palace Ciekocinko!




RESERVATIONS: tel.:+48 608 002 220 | email: hotel@palacciekocinko.pl